“All the items are good quality items that are perfect for inspiring you in the kitchen and getting your creative juices flowing!…if you have someone in your family that you are still searching for the right present for, I would highly recommend ordering them a subscription (or even just one box!) to MARY’s secret ingredients! They’re bound to love (or know someone who will) every ingredient in the box. Just give it a try and see.”
—Diddles and Dumplings

“I am really impressed with MARY’s secret ingredients, This is a great kitchen/food box. I like that this box is only sent out four times a year, so you don’t accumulate too many items. I am thinking this could be a great subscription for myself. I like that they include a range of food items and useful kitchen tools.”
— Subscription Box Mom

“I ordered two surprise boxes this past year and enjoyed creating recipes with the ingredients…Not only will this box help to feed you and your family, but you will also be standing with us as a proud supporter of Feed The Children. No one should go hungry.”
— Jovina Cooks Italian

“Another outstanding box with high quality products. My wife grabbed the Paper Chef product to make a home baked gift for a friend’s birthday. I personally can’t wait to use the smoked chili paste . I could have used it yesterday when I made a marinade for lamb kabobs. The Dutch’s spirits bitters are already on the bar for holiday mixed drinks. A very festive offering all around!”
— Steve

“Just received another gorgeous box of culinary goodies from you. LOVE everything and can’t wait to use. I just made a Greek salad the other night with the aromatic Greek oregano sent in your first box. So delish! Can’t wait to make that salad again and this time I will include the flavorful Greek olive oil in your newest box! It is Christmas four times a year with your beautiful seasonal boxes!”
— Trish

“I have been a customer since the inauguration of the first box, and I cannot say enough about how wonderful these beautifully packaged boxes are. I especially LOVE the follow-up of the creative recipes and suggestions on how to use each product. Feed the Children is close to my heart and it is so nice to know that my purchase helps support this great organization. No one should go hungry. LOVE is all you need!!”