Your products will have the best advertising possible: They will be placed in the hands of a hyper-targeted and influential audience who will be able to taste your product, learn how to use it in the best way, and feature it when engaging with their own foodie community.

Our Partners Love Us!

“My sales on Amazon increased 50% 
2 weeks after the box was shipped!”

— Randy Kass,
CEO, POURfect Products

“MSI was a successful partnership with Villa de Patos because we were able to reach people that we previously had not targeted to and were mentioned by bloggers we would not have reached out to on our own. It’s a wonderful opportunity for any brand. You get unpaid promotions from sources that you may have previously not targeted and there are other perks like recipe development and social media interaction with box subscribers.”

— Sarah Smith,
Villa de Patos

Villa de Patos

My product, the Speegee, was in MARY’s secret ingredients box and it was a very positive experience.  From the helpful staff of MSI, to the fun video they made featuring all the products, and the online promoting of it; I was very happy with how the entire experience turned out.  It generated a good amount of buzz around my product and led to a decent number of direct sales.  The media that I was able to take from this was used in securing several wholesale orders since then.  I recommend giving MSI a shot with your product.  I doubt you’ll be disappointed.  Thanks again, MSI!

— Anthony Silva,

SpeeGee Co. Speegee Spatula

“Since partnering with MSI for the start of your secret subscription service, I have gained not only an increase in sales (roughly 5%) but additionally I have also gained increased exposure, additional press, new wholesale partnerships in both the U.S. and Canada, and invitations to participate in premiere NY food events. Partnering with you has been great for business, and I look forward to continuing to leverage the wonderful connections!!!!”

— Debra Means-West,
Co-founder, Calmer Sutra Tea

Calmer Sutra Tea

“MARY’s secret ingredients has, overnight, generated more interest for Sweetwater Spice Co. from bloggers than I generate on my own in a month. By pairing BBQ BATH with other great products, Mary’s secret ingredients increased the exposure and media value of all of the products in the box.”

— Scott Sapire,
Chief Spice Officer, Sweetwater Spice Co.

Sweetwater Spice Company

“I was pleased with the results from working with MARY’s secret ingredients. The reviews by bloggers were all positive and I am sure that this exposure helps our business and sales! It was easy working with them and everyone I dealt with was super. I am on board for the next “run”. Thanks.”

— Jeff Flathau,
Flathau’s Fine Food

Flathau's Fine Food